Friday, February 1, 2013

I Need The Sun As You Need The Rainbow

Like a rainbow 
I can only exist 
With the existence of the sun. 
Without you 
I am a rainbow 
Colourful but pale in soul 
Hidden by the clouds 
Ceased to exist. 

Put a rainbow 
In the desert 
Let the sun shines 
Even with a slight drizzle 
Your boundless love 
Makes my soul colourful 
And lively. 

I need the sun 
As you need the rainbow 
To make this panorama complete. 
With bountiful showers 
Of love 
Of understanding 
Of patience 
The rainbow and the sun 
Will not fail to exist 
As long as the earth still spins.  

29 April 2008, Tuesday

Not Even In My Verse It Will Be Told

I can still remember 
It was first light at first sight 
Sheets and sheets of silks of luminous colour 
Weaving through into my heart: 
It was so breathtaking 
I almost believed I had stopped breathing. 
Changing colours ever so swiftly 
Brushing away the dryness in my soul: 
I was ready to paint my life 
A love story that would last for a lifetime. 

I don't recall 
Observing sunsets in sunrises 
Stripes and stripes of deep sulking colours 
Eating into the weary heart: 
It was so heartbreaking 
I could no longer hear my heart breaking. 
Draining briskly the colours from my skin 
My soul returned to its usual grey: 
My love story may not come true 
In a canvas painted with lies not truth. 

I almost forgot 
It was calm twilight in display 
Rows and rows of radiant stars 
Singing tunefully to my heart: 
It was so heavenly 
I thought I was by now in heaven. 
Through my colourless soul 
It was raining sorrowful blood: 
A love story remained untold 
Not even in my verse it will be told.  

11 April 2008, Friday

It Is This Same Soul

It is this same soul: mine for now, 
but not previously, 
and not in the future, 
which has lived in this world since its existence, 
disguised in different forms, genders, 
emotions and intelligence, 
shall have no recollection of any of them at all.  

It is this same soul: wil be unrecognizable, 
which will go on living until it ceases in existence, 
carrying with him all the deeds and sins 
he has brought upon himself in this life, 
and inherited all who came before him, 
and do so after him. 

It is this same soul: belongs to no one, 
which I merely borrow for a limited time, 
in this lifetime, to be myself: 
to be an aritst, a poet, 
to taste what life is all about: 
pain, love, happiness and suffering, 
to explore what is installed for me 
before I pass it on to someone else. 

It is this same soul: the very same soul, 
whoever it belongs to at the end of the journey 
is in my possession, in my control now: 
I am responsible for the inheritor's life, 
believes to be mine; how I want it to be, 
as the person before me 
who was responsible for what I am today, 
which I cannot change but to receive all 
as they come my way.  

2 April 2008, Wednesday

I Had A Chat With Some Cats

I had a chat with some cats 
A feline showed me her black silky tail 
It was wickedly severed 
Almost cut off from her sexy rear 
I was told, the pain is unbearable 
It affects her appetite 
She asked me why 
Human are such cruel animals 
To carry out such mean act on her 
For she is expecting, 
So petite as to compare to human beings 
It wrung my heart to hear her plea. 

A male cat with bob tail 
Neatly dressed in thick white-brownish fur 
He said, children are real monsters 
Too often they frighten him with sudden shriek 
When he takes a nap or nibbles at his food 
Survival is tough in a cat's world, he lamented 
The other night at a food stall 
He sat up straight asking for food 
Instead he was kicked by a gigantic human foot 
His abdomen is still bruised 
Why he repeated twice 
All he wanted was some left-over 
Which would go to waste anyway 
I looked at him and was ashamed of my kind. 

Came a kitten, goodness, skinny and frail 
It was so disheartening to hear his tale 
He was an abandoned kitten 
Taken away from his mother 
By an ignorant and irresponsible man 
He wasn't sure if he would make it 
Now he has to fend for himself on the street 
In this world taken by cruel human beings 
I have to agree and felt so sorry for him. 

I wished I could do more than just chat 
The cats wished my fellow men realized 
That this earth is not solely their property 
Cats too have equal rights to it 
They must be humane 
And stop behaving like animals.  

11 March 2008, Tuesday

Where Do I Go?

Where do I go 
when the trees die, 

when the ponds dry? 
I fear I may not meet my parents 
across the sea. 
Woud I still see my siblings 
before the river? 
I want to remember everything I have now, 
and pretend to take a sip at the river 
which I must stop before crossing the bridge. 

I hope the candles will lit 
when I walk down the dark road, 
and burn all the unrest spirits 
disrupting my journey: 
It all depends on my deeds. 

How much blood do I have to give? 
And how many level of earth 
do I have to travel 
before it matches my sin? 

If the light visited and led me to my parents, 
Or darkness blinded me created by my being 
and fall into the seventeenth level of fire, 
All I asked from you, whoever you maybe 
Is to hold onto my hands, don't let go.

3 March 2008, Monday

Sunday, June 24, 2012

It Is One Of Those Nights

It is one of those nights
Beside other stuff
My aged parents came into frame
Lord Buddha
Please keep them strong and safe
This prayer is nothing new
It is as old as my age

How I have grown old
Seeing their hair turning gray too
Their bodies shrink and wrinkle
But they are my parents
And may not be so in my next life
Still I pray
Lord Buddha
Please bestow them with great health

I still submit to a childhood belief
On Chinese New Year eve
I will stay up late
So my parents will live into old age
Lord Buddha
Please answer my prayer

It is one of those nights
I think of my parents and pray
Lord Buddha...
Lord Buddha...
Before I slip into my many dreams

1 March 2008, Saturday

Saturday, June 23, 2012


I'm a living corpse
In broad daylight
A drifting spirit
By night

Future is uncertain
Gloom and dark
Life is hollow
Empty and false